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UGC (User-Generated Content) is a feature in Maplestory 2 where players can create their own clothing, furnishings, and more through templates in the Maple Workshop. All UGC must follow the UGC Policy. Any UGC violating the policy can be taken down, edited, or deleted with no warning. [1] Players must agree to the policy before accessing the Maple Workshop.

UGC can be created with Blue Merets, Red Merets, or a Template Voucher Coupon. After creating the UGC, it can be placed on the Meret Market in the Design Shop section.

UGC Policy
Be Original
  • You may only upload and share content that is your own work.
  • You may not use logos or trademarks belonging to someone else in your work.
  • Although some content you may find on the Internet as been designated as available for use in 'derivative works' or 'for personal use,' or 'use for nonprofit purposes,' you may not use this content in your UGC for Maplestory 2 or any Nexon service. UGC submitted or uploaded to Maplestory 2 does not qualify as personal or non-profit use.
  • Do not upload or share the design or logos of others-even if you have modified the design or logo.
  • While it is fine to be inspired by existing work created by other users, it is not okay to copy someone else's work. Create your own UGC. Be original.
  • You may not describe or tag your UGC with words or language that identifies it as a specific character, trademark or brand name.
Be Respectful
  • You may not use images of real people-even if the images are of yourself, your friends or famous people-for any UGC including Outfits and other items, Displays, Guild Emblems, Housing, or Character Portraits.
  • You may not upload or share any content that is offensive, suggestive, harassing, abusive, degrading, hateful, political, religious, or violent.

—Maplestory 2 UGC Policy, for the full policy click here.


Players can choose a variety of templates to edit in a third party drawing program like Paint. You can choose to open the UGC Folder, import an existing design, or start a new design. On the left of the Maple Workshop, you can preview the design by scrolling and rotating the model.

After you create a design, you can enter an item name (3-25 characters) and set an item icon through the photo widget. Templates cannot be modified in any way after creation.