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Victoria Island
Island Victoria Island
Region Tria
Area Level 10
Has Taxi? Yes
Has Item Extractor? Yes
Has Healing Spot? No
Has Real Estate? Yes
Dungeons Palace Undercroft


Tria is the first main City that players will encounter, and is the main hub of Maplestory 2. It is the capital of Maple World and is also the home of Empress Ereve, the land's guiding light.

There are a myriad of shops/vendors and other services that are either in Tria or in areas adjacent to it.

Mini Map

Tria Mini Map.png

Connected Locations

Main Areas

Sub Areas


Exploration Goals

  • Enjoy the scenery of Tria through binoculars (0/1)
  • Read the Chalk Graffiti on Tria's wall (0/1)
  • Catch a Knight Fish (0/1)
  • Perform with friends (0/5)
  • Say hello with the Greet or Bow emote (0/10)

Golden Chests

  • There are NO Golden Chests within Tria.

Normal Chests

  • There are NO Normal Chests within Tria.


  • Archaeologist Natalie - Natalie appraises Keys found in treasure chests for an increasing fee starting at 100,000 Mezos, and swiftly increasing per appraisal. Her fee resets back to 100,000 at the start of each day.
  • Beest - Beest sells Mounts restricted to your trophy progress. These mounts are smaller versions of the more powerful beast type enemies.
  • Cheri Ring - Cheri sells Stellar Glass, an item used to create Gemstones. Cheri only has 5 to sell each day.
  • Doctor Henry - Dr. Henry acts like any other NPC doctor, treating debuffs such as Tombshocked. He is found within the Henry's General Hospital sub-map.
  • Ropey - Ropey sells special Trophy Pendants restricted to your trophy progress. These necklaces give unique buffs, such as a swim speed increase, to your tombstone causing damage to foes beneath it.
  • Stefan - Stefan sells sell musical instruments and music scores (either blank or pre-loaded with a specified track).
  • Margaretta - Margaretta sells various crafting components, and ingredients for cooking.
  • Maya - Maya sells healing items and minigames, as well as the Festival Balloon mount.
  • Maki - Maki will store items and Mezos in your personal bank. He is found inside the Goldus Bank Main Branch sub-map.
  • Stellar Chest - Interacting with this chest beside Cheri Ring allows you to make gemstones with 1 Stellar Glass and 10 Obsidian Essence(s).
  • Surnuny - Surnuny sells various level 10-15 weapons and gear. Staying in his trade window for a minute, or paying around 1000 Mezos will cause him to restock, changing what items he has on-hand.


Icon Name Level
Icon Name Level
NPC 11000010 Icon.png Maya (NPC) 20
NPC 11000160 Icon.png Napolie (NPC) 30
NPC 11000166 Icon.png Nikea (NPC) 10
NPC 11000167 Icon.png Peter (NPC) 30
NPC 11000169 Icon.png Mark (NPC) 20
File:NPC 11000177 Icon.png Tria Royal Office (NPC) 20
NPC 11000179 Icon.png Albert (NPC) 20
NPC 11000204 Icon.png Lavenne (NPC) 30
NPC 11000314 Icon.png Margaretta (NPC) 20
NPC 11000317 Icon.png Jonn (NPC) 10
NPC 11000318 Icon.png Lionel (NPC) 10
NPC 11000319 Icon.png Shinby (NPC) 10
NPC 11000320 Icon.png Lyn (NPC) 10
NPC 11000321 Icon.png Irena (NPC) 10
NPC 11000322 Icon.png Clara (NPC) 30
NPC 11000323 Icon.png Tony (NPC) 30
NPC 11000324 Icon.png Cantata (NPC) 10
NPC 11000325 Icon.png Gordon (NPC) 20
NPC 11000326 Icon.png Lowen (NPC) 30
NPC 11000327 Icon.png Natalie (NPC) 10
NPC 11000331 Icon.png Brandon (NPC) 20
NPC 11000348 Icon.png Royal Guard (NPC) 20
NPC 11000373 Icon.png Denver (NPC) 10
NPC 11000417 Icon.png Sid (NPC) 12
NPC 11000435 Icon.png Beest (NPC) 30
NPC 11000450 Icon.png Royal Watchman (NPC) 20
NPC 11000452 Icon.png Royal Guardsman (NPC) 20
NPC 11000492 Icon.png Nelph (NPC) 10
NPC 11000587 Icon.png Gingus (NPC) 10
NPC 11000601 Icon.png Luanna (NPC) 20
NPC 11000605 Icon.png Injured Guard (NPC) 20
NPC 11000607 Icon.png Sudas (NPC) 12
NPC 11000700 Icon.png Tabatha (NPC) 10
NPC 11000708 Icon.png Elizabeth (NPC) 10
NPC 11001103 Icon.png Rute (NPC) 20
NPC 11001197 Icon.png Ropey (NPC) 30
NPC 11001320 Icon.png Stefan (NPC) 30
NPC 11001321 Icon.png Mascot Duckling (NPC) 30
NPC 11001612 Icon.png Codea (NPC) 10
NPC 11001667 Icon.png Guard (NPC) 20
NPC 11001820 Icon.png Madria (NPC) 31
NPC 11001838 Icon.png Joddy (NPC) 20
NPC 11001900 Icon.png Lennon (NPC) 20
NPC 11001901 Icon.png Allon (NPC) 30
NPC 11001966 Icon.png Frey (NPC) 49
NPC 11001969 Icon.png Ereve (NPC) 49
NPC 11001970 Icon.png Karl (NPC) 49
NPC 11001972 Icon.png Blackeye (NPC) 49
NPC 11001973 Icon.png Eve (NPC) 49
NPC 11003391 Icon.png Evagor (NPC) 10
File:NPC 11003475 Icon.png Dummy NPC (NPC) 1
File:NPC 11004067 Icon.png Chalk Graffiti (NPC) 10
File:NPC 11004215 Icon.png Stellar Chest (NPC) 60
NPC 11004231 Icon.png Cheri Ring (NPC) 30


  • This map does not spawn enemies.

Thrown Items

Thrown items are interactable environment objects which can be picked up and used to attack with. These items are often used in Daily Missions, Exploration Goals and Trophies.
  • This map does not have any thrown items.

Life Skills


Icon Name Biome Mastery Rank
Black Drum.png Black Drum Saltwater Beginner II Rare
Horse Mackerel.png Horse Mackerel Saltwater Beginner II Normal
Knight Fish.png Knight Fish Freshwater Beginner I Exceptional
Pale Chub.png Pale Chub Freshwater Beginner I Rare
Ricefish.png Ricefish Freshwater Beginner I Normal
Tiger Prawn.png Tiger Prawn Saltwater Beginner II Exceptional


  • This location has no mining veins.


  • This location has no foraging herbs.

Pet Taming

  • This area has no pet spawns.


  • For the Love of Pudding - Level 11
  • Borrowers Remorse - Level 13
  • Legends of Perion - Level 29
  • Utterly Charmed - Level 32


Name Rank Achievement Reward
Tria Rider (Trophy) 1 Ride a ground mount 500 meter in Tria
Bright Slate Dye Unlocked
Tria, The Heart's Home (Trophy) 1 Stay in Tria for 10 hours -
Urban Mount Collector (Trophy) 1 Collect the 3 advanced mount trophies sold by the mount merchant in Tria -
Welcome to Tria (Trophy) 1 Discover Tria Attribute Point x1
Welcome to Tria (Trophy) 1 Discover Tria Attribute Point x1


  • The Chalk Graffiti can be found hidden on the third archway right of the main gate (there is no model).
  • Tria's land value is the among the highest in the game, with smaller plots selling for around 20,120,000 Mesos, and larger plots selling for around 49,490,000 Mesos.
  • There are about 28 identical guards within the city, on the ramparts, and in front of the gate itself.
  • Despite the different names, all guards share the same dialog options.
  • Only NPCs named "Royal Guards" have character portraits.