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Style Crate
Item 20302003 Icon.png
Type Exceptional Package
Tooltip Each crate contains a random outfit, accessory, or other stylish item. Items from this crate can be dismantled at an Item Extractor to get Style Coins. These coins can be used at the Style Coin Shop to buy a variety of outfits and other cosmetic goods.
Purchase Price 300 Meret-icon.png

Style Crates are bought from the Meret Market for 300 Merets Meret-icon.png and contain cosmetic outfit items. Style Crate contents change about every month and every item, regardless of kind or type, has an equal 1% chance of being rewarded. Unwanted items could be dismantled into Style Coins which then could be exchanged in the Style Coin Shop.

October 2018 Contents

Style Crate

Top Bottom Suits Gloves Shoes
Head Accessories Cape Face Weapons
  • Holy Seraphim Weapon Box
  • Twinkle Star Weapon Box
  • Duckling Weapon Box

Style Coin Shop

November 2018 Contents