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Stats are numerical representations of a character's power in certain aspects of their build.

Basic Stats

Stat Description
Gear Score This is the sum of all Gear Score values from the gear your character currently has equipped.
The Gear Score is a numerical representation of your equipment's power.
Some dungeons have minimum Gear Score requirements, but greater rewards.

Off-hand items do not contribute to your Gear Score (eg. Shields, codices, and one-handed weapons)
Attack This stat represents how effective your character will be in combat.
Affected by weapon attack, physical attack, magic attack, critical rate, and critical damage.
Defense This stat represents your character's overall defenses and reduces damage taken from enemies. Affected by Defense attributes on your equipment.

Attribute Point Stats

See also Attribute Points

Players can receive Attribute Points from completing various activities in-game including levelling up, completing quests, earning trophies, etc. These Attribute Points can be used to increase certain stats. Similar to Skill Points, Attribute Points can be freely reset at any time if a player chooses. No more than 100 Attribute Points can be allocated to each of these stats except Critical Rate which is maxed at 60 Skill Points.

During the Closed Beta, some of these skills did not properly increase the other stats the description says they are supposed to. For example, LUK not giving Critical Rate as stated.

Stat Description Stat Increase per Attribute Point
Health Once health reaches zero, the character will be stuck under a tombstone and will be unable to act. Health naturally regenerates over time. +10 per Attribute Point
Strength The main stat for Knights, Berserkers, and Runeblades.
Increases the physical attack of all classes except Heavy Gunners and Assassins.
Affects physical resistance.
+1 per Attribute Point
Dexterity The main stat for Archers, Heavy Gunners, and Strikers.
Increases physical attack of all classes except Wizards and Thieves.
Affects physical resistance and accuracy.
+1 per Attribute Point
Intelligence The main stat for Wizards, Priests, and Soul Binders.
Increases magic attack and affects magic resistance.
+1 per Attribute Point
Luck The main stat for Thieves and Assassins.
Increases the physical attack of Wizards, Thieves, Assassins, and Heavy Gunners.
Affects critical rate.
+1 per Attribute Point
Critical Rate Increases the probability that an attack will land as a critical hit.
Critical hits deal additional damage.
Critical rate cannot increase above 40%.
+3 per Attribute Point.

Advanced Stats

These are stats which can be increased in various ways such as via other stats (eg. Strength affects physical resistance), skills (eg. Sharp Eyes), equips, and equip attributes. These can be viewed by going to the Character menu and selecting Advanced Stats.


Stat Description
Spirit Without enough spirit, you will not be able to use skills.
Spirit naturally regenerates over time.
Stamina Once your stamina runs out, you won't be able to use action skills that require stamina.
The stamina bar has 6 parts, and each part has 20 units.
Stamina naturally regenerates over time.
Movement Speed This is the speed the character moves at on the ground.
100% represents normal speed and can be increased up to 170%.
Weapon Attack The attack stat of the equipped gear. Increases the damage dealt to enemies.
Bonus Attack Your bonus attack power. Increases damage dealt to enemies. Its efficiency increases with the rank of your weapon. Has no effect when no weapon is equipped.
Physical Attack Increases the damage dealt to enemies from physical attacks.
Magic Attack Increases the damage dealt to enemies from magic attacks.
Piercing Ignores a portion of the enemy's defense and perfect guard when attacking.
Physical Piercing Ignores a portion of the enemy's physical resistance when using physical attacks.
Magic Piercing Ignores a portion of the enemy's magic resistance when using magic attacks.
Accuracy Increases the success rate of attacks.
Critical Damage Increases the damage dealt from critical hits. Critical damage cannot go above 250% against regular enemies, and cannot go above 150% against other player characters. (10 Points in Critical damage = 1% more critical damage when striking a critical hit.)
Critical Rate Increases the probability that an attack will land as a critical hit. Critical hits deal additional damage. Critical rate cannot increase above 40%. [Critical Rate - Critical Evasion = Effective Critical Rate on an enemy or player up to a maximum of 40% under normal circumstances]
Melee Damage Bonus Increases the damage dealt with melee attacks.
Ranged Damage Bonus Increases the damage dealt with ranged attacks.
Fire Damage Bonus Increases the damage dealt with fire attacks.
Ice Damage Bonus Increases the damage dealt with ice attacks.
Electric Damage Bonus Increases the damage dealt with electric attacks.
Poison Damage Bonus Increases the damage dealt with poison attacks.
Dark Damage Bonus Increases the damage dealt with dark attacks.
Holy Damage Bonus Increases the damage dealt with holy attacks.
Bonus Boss Damage Increases the damage dealt to boss monsters.
Damage Total Bonus Increases the damage dealt to enemies.
Recovery Bonus Increases the amount recovered from skills which restore health or spirit.
Attack Speed Increases attack speed.
Skill Cooldown Reduces the cooldown times of active skills.


Stat Description
Physical Resistance Reduces physical damage taken from enemies.
Magic Resistance Reduces magic damage taken from enemies.
Evasion Increases the probability of dodging attacks from enemies. Dodging an attack prevents all damage.
Critical Evasion Decreases the probability that an attack from an enemy will be a critical hit. (10 Critcal Evasion = 1% Chance to avoid critical attacks, or 1% deducted from the total crit rate of your or enemy critical rates when being struck.)
Melee Reduction Reduces the melee damage taken from enemies.
Ranged Damage Reduction Reduces the ranged damage taken from enemies.
Fire Damage Reduction Reduces fire damage taken from enemies.
Ice Damage Reduction Reduces ice damage taken from enemies.
Electric Damage Reduction Reduces electric damage taken from enemies.
Dark Damage Reduction Reduces dark damage taken from enemies.
Holy Damage Reduction Reduces holy damage taken from enemies.
Perfect Guard Increases the probability of perfectly guarding against enemy attacks. Perfect guards prevent all damage.
Stun Recovery Bonus Reduces the duration of immobilizing effects used against you.
Debuff Duration Reduces the duration of detrimental status effects used against you.
Health Regen Increases the amount of health that regenerates over time.
PvP Defense Reduces the damage taken from other players in PvP.

Equipment Attribute Stats

Equipment can have additional attributes in their stats from any of Attribute Point and Advanced Stats except Weapon Attack (already on the Weapon itself), Spirit, Stamina, and Perfect Guard. Additionally, not all equipment may have PvP-related attributes. There are also a few additional attributes an equipment can have not in the advanced stats: Knockback Resistance, Heal from Beating Enemies, and Bonus Recovery from Allies.

These stats can either be flat or percentage bonuses. The following table shows which attributes are flat increases and which are percentage increases:

Flat Increase Percentage Increase
Offensive Defensive Offensive Defensive
  • Strength
  • Dexterity
  • Intelligence
  • Luck
  • Movement Speed
  • Bonus Attack
  • Physical Attack
  • Magic Attack
  • Accuracy
  • Critical Rate
  • Attack Speed
  • Critical Damage
  • Health
  • Critical Evasion
  • Defense
  • Physical Resistance
  • Magic Resistance
  • Evasion
  • Knockback Resistance
  • Health Regen
  • Heal from Beating Enemies
  • Piercing
  • Physical Piercing
  • Magic Piercing
  • Melee Damage Bonus
  • Ranged Damage Bonus
  • Fire Damage Bonus
  • Ice Damage Bonus
  • Electric Damage Bonus
  • Poison Damage Bonus
  • Dark Damage Bonus
  • Holy Damage Bonus
  • Bonus Boss Damage
  • Damage Total Bonus
  • Recovery Bonus
  • Skill Cooldown
  • Melee Reduction
  • Ranged Damage Reduction
  • Fire Damage Reduction
  • Ice Damage Reduction
  • Electric Damage Reduction
  • Poison Damage Reduction
  • Dark Damage Reduction
  • Holy Damage Reduction
  • Stun Recovery Bonus
  • Debuff Duration
  • Bonus Recovery from Allies

Damage Formula

img Replace physical pierce with magic pierce as well as the respective resistance in the case of magic damage.