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Rosetta's Beauty Salon is located on Beauty Street and is where players can customize their character's hair and cosmetics for a fee.

Hairdresser Jane

When a player speaks with Hairdresser Jane (NPC), she will offer the player a hairstyle magazine which a player can open and view.


Hairstyles are offered by Rosetta, Lolly, and Paulie.


Rosetta offers various hairstyles in exchange for Mesos and Merets. A player can also choose to customize their hair color for Mesos as well from Rosetta. The following lists the hairstyles offered by Rosetta:

Paulie and Lolly

Paulie offers exclusive hairstyles for 450 Merets; however, which hairstyle and color a player receives from Paulie is randomized. Once Paulie gives the haircut, a player has the option to use the new hairstyle or keep the previous hairstyle. Choosing the previous hairstyle gives the player 1 Special Care Voucher. While the color is random at the time of purchase, the player can talk to Rosetta and pay to have it changed.

Lolly offers the same hairstyles as Paulie but for 15 Special Care Vouchers. Essentially, if a player is unhappy with the randomized haircuts Paulie gives them 15 times, that will give the player enough Special Care Vouchers to purchase a hairstyle of choice from Lolly.

The following hairstyles are offered by Paulie and Lolly:

Female Special Hairstyles
Icon Name Icon Name Icon Name
Romantichalfuphair.png Romantic Half-Up Hair Tussledsideponytail.png Tussled Side Ponytail Floralbraidedponytails.png Floral Braided Ponytails
Babyshorttwintails.png Baby Short Twin Tails Gloriousheartbun.png Glorious Heart Bun Dualspirithair.png Dual Spirit Hair
Innocenttwintails.png Innocent Twin Tails Loveandpeacelocks.png Love and Peace Locks Wavytwintails.png Wavy Twin Tails
Romanticshortcut.png Romantic Short Cut
Male Special Hairstyles
Icon Name Icon Name Icon Name
Messyshagcut.png Messy Shag Cut Mediumsoftcurls.png Medium Soft Curls Frosttipped.png Frost-Tipped Punk Hair
Chicstartz.png Chic Startz Hair Charmingprince.png Charming Prince Hair Peacelocks.png Peace Locks
Nerdybowlcut.png Nerdy Bowl Cut Frontcurlbangs.png Front Curl Bangs Tiedlocks.png Tied-Back Dreads
Regentcut.png Raised Regent Cut


A player can save their current hairstyle with Mino. If a player then changes their hairstyle, they can go back to Mino and pay 10 Merets to go back to an older saved hairstyle. Changing your character's gender will not delete your previously saved hairstyles, so you won't need to buy your hairs again if you change back your gender.



Rosetta offers a selection of cosmetics and accessories in exchange for Mesos and Merets. A player can also choose to customize their accessory color (if available for that accessory) for Mesos as well from Ren.


A player can interact with the mirrors in the shop to customize any adjustable hats the player may be wearing.