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Ranching is one of the Gathering Life Skills. Players gather items from animal pens which are used as materials in the Handicrafts Life Skill. Animal pens are placed in the player's home. Players can only place pens that are at the same or lower rank than their current Ranching rank.

Extra mastery points can be earned by gathering in another player's home instance each day.

Animal Pens

Animal Pen Product Rank
Chicken Pen Chicken Feather.png Chicken Feather Rank 1
Snail Pen Snail Shell.png Snail Shell Rank 2
Pig Pen Pig Tail.png Pig Tail Rank 3
Cow Pen Fresh Milk.png Fresh Milk Rank 4
Sheep Pen Wool.png Wool Rank 5
Turtle Pen Turtle Shell.png Turtle Shell Rank 6
Deer Pen Deer Hide.png Deer Hide Rank 7
Bull Pen Bull Horn.png Bull Horn Rank 8
Eagle Pen Eagle Feather.png Eagle Feather Rank 9
Horse Pen Horseshoe.png Horseshoe Rank 10
Fox Pen Fox Tail.png Fox Tail Rank 11
Griffin Pen Griffin Feather.png Griffin Feather Rank 12
Dragon Pen Dragon Horn.png Dragon Horn Rank 13

Ranching Boosters

You can double your gathering yield by using Smithing to create Chain Mail Gloves. This bonus does not stack with daily bonus. All gloves have the same yield with varying duration and share a cooldown of 5 minutes.

Item Duration Smithing Rank Needed
Copper Chain Mail Gloves.png Copper Chain Mail Gloves 8s Rank 1
Zinc Chain Mail Gloves.png Zinc Chain Mail Gloves 40s Rank 3
Iron Chain Mail Gloves.png Iron Chain Mail Gloves 72s Rank 5
Nickel Chain Mail Gloves.png Nickel Chain Mail Gloves 104s Rank 7
Tungsten Chain Mail Gloves.png Tungsten Chain Mail Gloves 144s Rank 9
Cobalt Chain Mail Gloves.png Cobalt Chain Mail Gloves 200s Rank 12

Rank EXP

Rank EXP Needed to Rank Up Total EXP Rank Rewards
1 10 10 -
2 40 50 Copper Chain Mail Gloves
Green Crystal x1
3 180 230 Blank Intermediate Music Score (20 Performances)
Green Crystal x1
4 320 550 Windmill
Green Crystal x1
5 750 1,300 Milkids Apple Earring
Green Crystal x2
6 1,440 2,740 Barn
Green Crystal x2
7 2,450 5,190 Fading Savagery Ring
Green Crystal x3
8 3,840 9,030 Milk Crate Wagon
Green Crystal x4
9 5,740 14,770 Milkids Cow Hat
Green Crystal x5
10 8,240 23,010 Signpost
Green Crystal x5
11 10,240 33,250 Fading Savagery Belt
Green Crystal x7
12 12,560 45,810 Storage Tank
Green Crystal x8
13 - 45,810 Milkids White Shirt
Green Crystal x10