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PvP (Player vs. Player) is a type of play that allows players to compete and fight against other players.

PvP Modes

Hostile Areas

There are 19 hostile areas in the game, ranging from level 33-60. They are clustered around the western side of the map.

Area Name Lvl
Melta Dam 60
Cozalita Graveyard 58
Obsidian Mount 56
Gloomy Forest 54
Sealed Forest 52
Blazing Forest 50
Outlaw's Overlook 50
Moldy Hollow 50
Calamitysnare 50
Demonspring 50
Black Forest 50
Stormy Hills 50
Bitters Valley 49
Wallowville 47
South Tyranny Road 45
North Tyranny Road 44
Victoria's Rest 43
Savage Crossroads 39
Vanished Ruins 36
Torrava River 33

Maple Arena

Upon reaching level 50, players can begin queueing for 1-on-1 PvP matches from the Maple Arena menu (accessible from the menus in the bottom-right of the screen). The system matches players every 4 minutes, and whoever of the two players wins 2 out of 3 rounds wins the match.

Depending on a player's rank and battle results, they will receive Valor Tokens to spend in the Arena Shop. Valor Tokens are capped at 600 tokens per week. Weekly rewards and ranks are reset every Thursday at 7 AM.


There are seven different possible ranks a player can achieve in the Maple Arena depending on their score.

Rank Points
Grand Champion 3700 Points
Champion 2800 Points
Diamond 2200 Points
Platinum 1800 Points
Gold 1300 Points
Silver 1060 Points
Bronze 1000 Points

Spectator Notifications

The Maple Arena has a feature called Spectactor Notifications, which when enabled alerts players when a high-ranked player enters Arena. A player can then spectate the high-ranked player and how they play.

PvP Mini-Games

Arena Shop

Players can spend Valor Tokens they earn in the Arena Shop where they can purchase Arena Accessories and Mounts.

Arena Accessories

  • Obedience Cape - 800 Valor Tokens
  • Obedience Belt - 800 Valor Tokens

Arena Mounts

  • Tamed Pyrros Fard - 27,600 Valor Tokens