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In MapleStory 2, players can play music using in-game instruments, either improvising with a keyboard interface or creating their own songs via Music Sheets using Music Macro Language (MML). There are many instruments with different rarities, which affect the visual display and number of tracks able to be played consecutively.


Players can form a party and play in an ensemble together. By clicking on the "Ensemble" option in the instrument window, right-clicking the sheet in the inventory, and clicking the "Join Ensemble" button in the instrument window, a party member can participate. The party leader is able to start the ensemble with the "Play with Ensemble" button.

Tools and Resources

The following are site(s) are tools and resources for creating music in-game.

Site Name and Link Description
MapleStory 2 Official Forums - Music Section The music section on the official forums can be used to discuss the music system in general, has several threads with MML for songs, and has threads dedicated to requesting songs from other players.
Musical Nexus - MapleBeats 3MLE Tool This downloadable tool allows players to edit and develop MML for songs out of game and also allows previews of the song on different instruments.
Musical Nexus - MapleBeats Musical Nexus has a section dedicated to uploading and sharing MML for songs. This allows other players to simply copy and paste the MML they want to use in-game rather than creating it themselves. There are also forums where songs can be requested if a player wishes.

They also have 2-Person Ensembles as well.

Smultron - Guide to MML in Maplestory 2 This guide contains information about almost everything music-related in MS2. From writing your own scores to using your own soundfonts, if you're not sure about something, this guide probably has it.