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Merets Meret-icon.png are the in-game currency required to make purchases at the Meret Market, The amount of Merets you hold is displayed in the top left corner of the user-interface and bottom center of the Meret Market panel, Merets may also be spent on all sorts of cosmetic items and conveniences.


Merets can be Acquired by spending real-world money or within the game:

Other places to spend Merets

  • Auto-Fishing
    • 30 minutes: 40 Merets
    • 60 minutes: 60 Merets
    • 180 minutes: 150 Merets
  • Safe Riding (prevents dismounting when attacked by monsters): 120 Merets
  • Amphibious Riding (prevents dismounting when swimming): 60 Merets
  • Inventory Tab Expansion: 390 Merets
  • Bank Safe Expansion: 330 Merets