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Pick up outfits, mounts, instruments, and more in the Meret Market!

The Meret Market (Default [ J ]) is a graphical user interface menu bar where players can spend their Merets on unique items in Premium Shop, or buy and sell unique designs with other players.

The Meret Market Home tab when opened.


  • Meret-icon.pngPremium Shop: Browse and purchase premium items with Blue Merets
  • Red Meret Shop: View and purchase premium items with Red Merets
  • Design Shop: Browse and purchase UGC products designed by players
  • My Shop: List UGC item's you've created so other players can buy them
  • Special Offers: Purchase special deals and limited-time items
  • Add designers to your favorites list using Design Shop's "Add to Favorites" to view their whole shop inventory in one spot.
  • Purchase Merets with real-world money using Meret market's "Get Merets" button displayed in the bottom right corner.