Master of the Arena (Trophy)

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Master of the Arena

Rank Achievement Reward
1 Win every map in Maple Arena -

Notes[edit | edit source]

The following trophies must be acquired to achieve this trophy:

Trophy Name Description
Beach Turf War (Trophy) Be victorious at Driftloop Shore in Maple Arena
Blazing Victory (Trophy) Be victorious at Lavaluna Gate in Maple Arena
Cruiser of the Future (Trophy) Be victorious at TT Cruiser in Maple Arena
No Refuge in the Waterfall (Trophy) Be victorious at Ellin Falls in Maple Arena
No Ringers (Trophy) Be victorious at Luderi Dual Arena in Maple Arena
Oska is Watching! (Trophy) Be victorious at Vigilante Cadet Corps in Maple Arena
Purge the Slum (Trophy) Be victorious at Woodward Square in Maple Arena
Sandstorm Survival (Trophy) Be victorious at Minar Desert in Maple Arena
Snowstorm Survival (Trophy) Be victorious at Baraska Forest in Maple Arena
Watch Your Feet (Trophy) Be victorious at Ludibrium Block in Maple Arena