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Hard Adventure Dungeon
Lubelisk Dungeon Banner.png
Map Lubelisk (Map)
Minimum Level 50
Gear Score 2100
Party Size 1 - 4
Related NPCs
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Lubelisk, the shrine of the fallen Merjit kingdom, exudes a powerful darkness. What could Varrekant, a visitor from the other world, want from there? Recover the stolen Lumenstone and defeat Varrekant!
~ Dungeon Background

Safe revivals are limited in this challenge. A full group of 4 is recommended to clear the dungeon.

Possible Rewards

Rewards are randomly selected from all class pools.

Class Weapons
Item bg epic.png
Item 15100174 Icon.png
Murpagoth Warrior Bow
Item bg epic.png
Item 15100170 Icon.png
Ancient Rune Bow
Item bg epic.png
Item 15100175 Icon.png
MSL Onyx Bow
Item bg epic.png
Item 13400175 Icon.png
Murpagoth Warrior Thrown Weapon
Item bg epic.png
Item 13400171 Icon.png
Ancient Rune Thrown Weapon
Item bg epic.png
Item 13400176 Icon.png
MSL Onyx Thrown Weapon
Item bg epic.png
Item 15000182 Icon.png
Murpagoth Warrior Greatsword
Item bg epic.png
Item 15000178 Icon.png
Ancient Rune Greatsword
Item bg epic.png
Item 15000183 Icon.png
MSL Onyx Greatsword
Heavy Gunner
Item bg epic.png
Item 15300177 Icon.png
Murpagoth Warrior Cannon
Item bg epic.png
Item 15300173 Icon.png
Ancient Rune Cannon
Item bg epic.png
Item 15300178 Icon.png
MSL Onyx Cannon
Item bg epic.png
Item 13200178 Icon.png
Murpagoth Warrior Arming Sword
Item bg epic.png
Item 14100158 Icon.png
Murpagoth Warrior Shield
Item bg epic.png
Item 13200174 Icon.png
Ancient Rune Arming Sword
Item bg epic.png
Item 14100154 Icon.png
Ancient Rune Shield
Item bg epic.png
Item 13200179 Icon.png
MSL Onyx Arming Sword
Item bg epic.png
Item 14100159 Icon.png
MSL Onyx Shield
Item bg epic.png
Item 13300177 Icon.png
Murpagoth Warrior Scepter
Item bg epic.png
Item 14000149 Icon.png
Murpagoth Warrior Codex
Item bg epic.png
Item 13300173 Icon.png
Ancient Rune Scepter
Item bg epic.png
Item 14000145 Icon.png
Ancient Rune Codex
Item bg epic.png
Item 13300178 Icon.png
MSL Onyx Scepter
Item bg epic.png
Item 14000150 Icon.png
MSL Onyx Codex
Item bg epic.png
Item 15400243 Icon.png
Murpagoth Warrior Blade
Item bg epic.png
Item 15400239 Icon.png
Ancient Rune Blade
Item bg epic.png
Item 15400244 Icon.png
MSL Onyx Blade
Soul Binder
Item bg epic.png
Item 15600201 Icon.png
Murpagoth Warrior Orb
Item bg epic.png
Item 15600032 Icon.png
Ancient Rune Orb
Item bg epic.png
Item 15600204 Icon.png
MSL Onyx Orb
Item bg epic.png
Item 13100182 Icon.png
Murpagoth Warrior Dagger
Item bg epic.png
Item 13100178 Icon.png
Ancient Rune Dagger
Item bg epic.png
Item 13100183 Icon.png
MSL Onyx Dagger
Item bg epic.png
Item 15200181 Icon.png
Murpagoth Warrior Staff
Item bg epic.png
Item 15200177 Icon.png
Ancient Rune Staff
Item bg epic.png
Item 15200182 Icon.png
MSL Onyx Staff

Accessories & Items
Item bg epic.png
Item 11300434 Icon.png
Varrekant's Horns
Item bg epic.png
Item 11800066 Icon.png
Varrekant's Wings
Item bg epic.png
Item 11800046 Icon.png
Fragment Icon.png
Absolute Cape Fragment
Item bg epic.png
Item 11900032 Icon.png
Fragment Icon.png
Absolute Pendant Fragment
Item bg epic.png
Item 20300652 Icon.png
Gemstone & Gem Dust Box
Item bg epic.png
Item 30000448 Icon.png
Red Star
Item bg normal.png
Item 20000025 Icon.png
Special Red Potion
Item bg exceptional.png
Item 61100030 Icon.png
Varrekant (Combat Pet)

Map Layout

Lubelisk Map Layout.png



Monster HP
Kalta 139818
Shadow Hunter 10874
Varrekant's Echo 1127427
Brant 110967


Boss(es) HP
Varrekant 15422690

Dungeon Objectives

C rank 0+ points
B rank 480+ points
A rank 720+ points
S rank 960+ points
(Party) Defeat Varrekant (0/1) 200
(Party) Defeat Varrekant within 7 minutes 330
(Party) Defeat monster (0/30) 150
Don't get knocked out (6/6) 420
Don't get hit by the sword shockwave (5/5) 50
Don't get hit by the seal blades (10/10) 50
Total 1,200


Note: each phase can be differentiated by him landing on the center top pedestal before breaking it to reveal the levers and leaving for the next section of the map.

  • In Phase One, kill the Additional Monsters (Ads) on the pedestal on the right and on the far left. Chip down Varrekant until 12.5 mil hp and make sure to send one or two people to kill the Ads because their attacks significantly weaken yours. Make sure not to fall because it takes forever to get back up and you waste time.
  • In Phase Two, send one person each to deal with the clones and have two people in the middle fighting Varrekant. Whenever a clone starts to charge up an electric attack, bait Varrekant into lunging into the charging clones direction. The clone will then attack Varrekant and he will be stunned for a short moment and lose his buffs that the clones give him. Dodge his poison gas by staying on the sides or right under him and dodge his pulling ground slam because both these attacks one-shot. Around 6 mil hp he will hop on the pedestal. You can attack from the sides if you are a ranged character.
  • In Phase Three, Varrekant sometimes breaks the blocks prematurely but usually doesnt. Have a ranged DPS character deal with the dragons that spawn because their attacks do the same thing as the the Phase One Ads. The other three people should deal with Varrekant while dodging his attacks and another form of the pulling ground slam. Whenever Varrekant charges up an electric attack, it is usually for the person dealing with the Ads, so make sure to dodge that attack because it stuns and it knocks out blocks. Varrekant puts poison gas where the three people should be but it doesnt do much damage so you can ignore it. At 1 mil hp, Varrekant starts to spam the green circles so kite his attacks.
  • Now to hope you get his horns and wings.

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