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Life skills are professions that when mastered, grant access to unique items and skins.


List of Professions

Life Skills in MapleStory 2
Interior Design
Pet Taming
Enchantment Runes
Stabilization Runes
Fractal Runes

General Information

  • In MapleStory 2, there are two main life skill cycles.
    • Mining gives items to use in Smithing. Smithing gives yield increase items for Ranching. Ranching gives items to use in Handicrafts. Handicrafts gives yield increase items for Mining.
    • Foraging gives items to use in Alchemy. Alchemy gives yield increase items for Farming. Farming gives items to use in Cooking. Cooking gives yield increase items for Foraging.
  • Gathering professions only work with a limited amount of resources each day. The probability of performing a succesful gathering attempt decreases as you reach the cap. However, you can continue to attempt it as many times as you like until you succeed and reach the cap.
  • Reaching Rank 5 in Mining and Foraging unlock quests that grant access to Berg Island and Alkimi Island respectively, which has all of the resources for their gathering skills in 2 by 2 patches, speeding up the gathering process.
  • In addition to your own home, you can gather items for Ranching and Farming in other people's homes. Although the daily yield is a lot less, this will give your Ranching and Farming levels a significant bump in EXP ahead of Mining and Foraging.

Related Items

All boosters for a given skill share a cooldown of 2 minutes.

Gathering Boosters

All gathering boosters increase the yield of gathering by 100% with varying duration. This does not stack with the daily bonus.

Item Duration Crafting Skill Needed
Chicken Feather Pouch.png Chicken Feather Pouch 8s Handicraft Rank 1
Pigskin Pouch.png Pigskin Pouch 40s Handicraft Rank 3
Woolen Pouch.png Woolen Pouch 72s Handicraft Rank 5
Deer Hide Pouch.png Deer Hide Pouch 104s Handicraft Rank 7
Eagle Feather Pouch.png Eagle Feather Pouch 144s Handicraft Rank 9
Griffin Feather Pouch.png Griffin Feather Pouch 200s Handicraft Rank 12
Copper Chain Mail Gloves.png Copper Chain Mail Gloves 8s Smithing Rank 1
Zinc Chain Mail Gloves.png Zinc Chain Mail Gloves 40s Smithing Rank 3
Iron Chain Mail Gloves.png Iron Chain Mail Gloves 72s Smithing Rank 5
Nickel Chain Mail Gloves.png Nickel Chain Mail Gloves 104s Smithing Rank 7
Tungsten Chain Mail Gloves.png Tungsten Chain Mail Gloves 144s Smithing Rank 9
Cobalt Chain Mail Gloves.png Cobalt Chain Mail Gloves 200s Smithing Rank 12
Rice Chips.png Rice Chips 8s Cooking Rank 1
Apple Chips.png Apple Chips 40s Cooking Rank 3
Orange Chips.png Orange Chips 72s Cooking Rank 5
Banana Chips.png Banana Chips 104s Cooking Rank 7
Tomato Chips.png Tomato Chips 144s Cooking Rank 9
Pear Chips.png Pear Chips 200s Cooking Rank 13
Marjoram Supplement.png Marjoram Supplement 8s Alchemy Rank 1
Rosemary Supplement.png Rosemary Supplement 40s Alchemy Rank 3
Mandarin Supplement.png Mandarin Supplement 72s Alchemy Rank 5
Tea Supplement.png Tea Supplement 104s Alchemy Rank 7
Patchouli Supplement.png Patchouli Supplement 144s Alchemy Rank 9
Bergamot Supplement.png Bergamot Supplement 200s Alchemy Rank 13

Crafting Boosters

Crafting boosters increase the EXP gained per craft by a set percentage. They all last exactly two minutes.

While it is not stated anywhere in the game, the resulting value is rounded down to the nearest integer.

Item Additional EXP Gained Craftable At
Opal Smithing Slate.png Opal Smithing Slate 50% Smithing Rank 2
Sapphire Smithing Slate.png Sapphire Smithing Slate 60% Smithing Rank 4
Diamond Smithing Slate.png Diamond Smithing Slate 70% Smithing Rank 6
Amethyst Smithing Slate.png Amethyst Smithing Slate 80% Smithing Rank 8
Amber Smithing Slate.png Amber Smithing Slate 90% Smithing Rank 10
Pearl Smithing Slate.png Pearl Smithing Slate 100% Smithing Rank 13
Snail Shell Handicraft Slate.png Snail Shell Handicraft Slate 50% Handicraft Rank 2
Milky Handicraft Slate.png Milky Handicraft Slate 60% Handicraft Rank 4
Turtle Shell Handicraft Slate.png Turtle Shell Handicraft Slate 70% Handicraft Rank 6
Longhorn Handicraft Slate.png Longhorn Handicraft Slate 80% Handicraft Rank 8
Horseshoe Handicraft Slate.png Horseshoe Handicraft Slate 90% Handicraft Rank 10
Dragon Horn Handicraft Slate.png Dragon Horn Handicraft Slate 100% Handicraft Rank 13
Lavender Crystal.png Lavender Crystal 50% Alchemy Rank 2
Lemon Balm Crystal.png Lemon Balm Crystal 60% Alchemy Rank 4
Jasmine Crystal.png Jasmine Crystal 70% Alchemy Rank 6
Cherry Sage Crystal.png Cherry Sage Crystal 80% Alchemy Rank 8
Oregano Crystal.png Oregano Crystal 90% Alchemy Rank 10
Basil Crystal.png Basil Crystal 100% Alchemy Rank 12
Pumpkin Seasoning.png Pumpkin Seasoning 50% Cooking Rank 2
Pine Mushroom Seasoning.png Pine Mushroom Seasoning 60% Cooking Rank 4
Green Onion Seasoning.png Green Onion Seasoning 70% Cooking Rank 6
Medicinal Mushroom Seasoning.png Medicinal Mushroom Seasoning 80% Cooking Rank 8
Cucumber Seasoning.png Cucumber Seasoning 90% Cooking Rank 10
Agaric Mushroom Seasoning.png Agaric Mushroom Seasoning 100% Cooking Rank 12



  • Always use Gathering boosters. You will gain double the materials every day which will boost not only what you can craft at a given time but also the speed at which you gain Crafting mastery.
  • Those auto-gathering Vouchers you have from various random events really come in handy when finishing up a node. By clicking on the Auto- button and Max, you can constantly see how many successful gathering attempts are left on a node before hitting the daily cap. When you are almost done and it seems to take forever to get the remaining materials, use a voucher or two to finish up. You gain full mastery and ongoing booster effects even when using vouchers - the only thing you give up on is character experience, which is negligible.
  • Remember to gather from other people's houses daily. While the yield is lower, they still give you a significant boost in mastery and materials.
  • There is a roughly 2 second cooldown waiting for the nodes to refresh if you are gathering in a stationary position. In order to boost Gathering speeds by roughly 50%, you can place 2x3 fields for Farming and Ranching, which will enable you to move one square and farm two more nodes while waiting for the other four to refresh. For Mining and Foraging nodes that respawn faster, you can efficiently do the same using the natural 2x2 nodes by moving to the side and harvesting only 3 nodes at a time instead of 4. By the time you harvest the fourth node, you will harvest 3 again as the others will have respawned.
  • If you are about to level up a Gathering skill, make sure you gather the lowest level nodes first (as well as in another players' house if applicable) because as soon as you reach the next level these will stop giving you additional mastery points.


  • Always plan ahead. Remember that your resources are limited daily, so make sure you figure out the bottleneck materials for the things you want to craft before you spend them unwisely. (An early example is saving Pigskin for crafting Blank Intermediate Music Score instead of Pigskin Pouch.)
  • Don't craft items before they are needed, especially consumables. This saves you valuable inventory space in a pinch.
  • Do not overuse Crafting boosters. Using Gathering boosters will already boost your crafting mastery gains and you do not need a higher Crafting level than its corresponding Gathering professions because you will lack the materials to craft anything anyway. You also waste materials you might have wanted to use for other items later.
  • When using the percentage based Crafting boosters, note that the end values are always rounded down to the nearest integer.
  • When using Crafting boosters, remember that it takes exactly one second to craft any item and that a full boost lasts 120 seconds.
  • In order to avoid memory leak issues after crafting each item, switch to a different Life Skill tab while crafting. Note that actually closing the window will cancel crafting, though.
  • You can do a lot of other things while crafting, including walking around, attacking, playing instruments, and completing the Premium Dungeon. Note that taking damage or using any action that requires the action bar, as well as closing the Life Skills window, will immediately cancel crafting.