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Disambig color.svg This article is about items which can be stored and found in a players inventory as well as other locations.


Items are used all throughout the players adventure. Items in MapleStory 2 are objects which reside in a players Inventory. Items can be used in many ways such as being used for Quests and Crafts. Some usable items are able to be stacked upon themselves in a players inventory, allowing for more room for other items. Attached to items is a rarity system which is shown by the following colours, ranging from lowest to highest rarity, being: Common, Rare, Exceptional, Epic, Legendary, and Ascendant. However, the Legendary and Ascendant rarity are not currently in the game.

Obtaining Items

Items can be obtained in several ways, such as from:

Types of Items

For more information on each of the following sections use the links provided in the descriptions.


Gear is used to customize the appearance of a character but is mainly used for providing various boosts for player Stats. These items are the main factor for contributing to a players overall Gear Score. Different types of Gear include weapons, armor, and accessories.


Outfits are use to provide a diverse way to customize the look of players, many of which can be created by players through the use of the design shop which is a compilation of the User-Generated Content of the server. Outfits are normally used to cover up or change the look of currently being worn Gear


Mounts are used as a mode of transportation across the Maple World, through the air or on the ground.


Catalysts are items which are used for the purpose of Enchanting a players Gear.


Materials are used for crafting Life Skills items. There are two different main types of Materials which would be obtained from either Gathering or Crafting which can be done in a player home or out in the world. Higher level crafted items have a greater impact on end game content compared to when a player first begins acquiring materials.


Music items are used to perform music through the use of Musical Instruments and Music Sheets.


Fishing items are used for the purpose of fishing for fish. Some items can be consumed such as Worm Lure, to increase ones chances of catching fish, as well as other items to which can increase the diversity of fish which one may be able to catch.


Quest items are pre-requisite items needed for completing Quests but occasionally have additional effects, such as the damaging effect of Red Daisys.


Gemstones are used to socket in to a players accessories to enhance their Stats as well can be dismantled in to Gem Dust to upgrade other Gemstones.


Pets have several benefits ranging from extra inventory space, companionship, and battle advantages, and more.


Consumables provide various stat boosts, as well as some special effects and actions.


Currencies can be used to trade for various items from NPCs, Black Market, Meret Market. As well as can be used to spin various wheels in Queenstown and other locations.


Badges provide a diverse way to customize other aspects of a player apart from Outfits.


Housing items are used purely to customize a players home inside and outside.