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Disambig color.svg This article is about the Life Skill. For information about building/designing your own home and house customization, see Interior Design (Player Housing).

Interior Design is a Leisure Life Skill. Interior Design is leveled through reaching 1,100 in Decoration Score. Once a player reaches 1,100 they may claim daily rewards that give players experience towards Interior Design. Unlike other Leisure Life Skills, Interior Design is the only one where players cannot craft or collect items to level up the skill.

Rank Rewards
1 N/A
2 Tile Block Chest
3 Black Glass Divider Block Chest
4 Water Block Chest
5 Tile Block Chest
6 Window Blinds Chest
7 Mannequin Gift Box
8 Water Block Chest
9 Window Blinds Chest
10 Mannequin Gift Box