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Lazy Loafer | N/A
Specialty: Alchemy  Cost: 69000 Mesos

He spent every last meso to get to Tria for the ceremony with Ereve, but then the ceremony was canceled. He realized he needed to find work if he wanted to eat, so he became a housekeeper. He's lazy and lounges in bed when the owner is away, but somehow still keeps the house squeaky clean.

: May 13
: Taurus

: 6' 1"
: 205 lb
: Empress Ereve
: Snacks
: Nagging
: Napping

Owner Title
: Friend


Required Closeness Rank Item Quantity Ingredients Lead Time Closeness Gained
1 Red Potion 5 Red Herb x17
Potion Solvent x2
30 minute(s) 7
2 Health Tonic 1 Red Herb x11
Peppermint Root x3
30 minute(s) 13
3 Blue Paint 1 Suspicious Paper Bag x1
Potion Solvent x1
1 minute(s) 0
3 Orange Potion 10 Orange Herb x15
Potion Solvent x3
30 minute(s) 25
4 Mage Tonic 1 Orange Herb x6
Black Pine Mushroom x3
30 minute(s) 45
4 Warrior Tonic 1 Orange Herb x6
Cornelian Cherry x3
30 minute(s) 45
5 White Potion 10 White Herb x14
Potion Solvent x5
30 minute(s) 83
6 Special Warrior Tonic 1 Special Red Herb x6
Cornelian Cherry x5
30 minute(s) 151
7 Special Mage Tonic 1 Special Red Herb x6
Black Pine Mushroom x5
30 minute(s) 274
8 Special Red Potion 10 Special Red Herb x11
Potion Solvent x5
30 minute(s) 498
9 Special Health Tonic 1 Special Orange Herb x5
Peppermint Root x5
30 minute(s) 903
9 Special Orange Potion 10 Special Orange Herb x9
Potion Solvent x5
30 minute(s) 903
10 Special White Potion 10 Special White Herb x9
Potion Solvent x6
30 minute(s) 1638


Description Quote
Selecting Item You're determined you want this, aren't you?
Requesting Craft Do I have to? Fine.
Cancelling Craft What? I could've been napping...
Receiving Item Just take it.
Receiving Jackpot Whoa, even surprised myself with this.
Not Enough Materials Aw, too bad. I can't make that without the materials. You'll have to go all the way to a supply merchant in any major town to buy herbs or hunt some monsters. Some items can only be obtained from monsters. Sounds like you'll be out for a while. What a shame...
Expiration Our contract expired, so I'm just going to take a nap, okay?