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Foraging is one of the Gathering Life Skills. Players gather plant items from herbs in the wild which are used as materials in the Alchemy Crafts Life Skill. Upon reaching Rank 5 Foraging, you will receive a quest that unlocks Alkimi Island, which has every herb in 2 by 2 patches, speeding up the gathering process.


Herb Product Locations Required Rank
Marjoram Herb Marjoram.png Marjoram 1
Lavender Herb Lavender.png Lavender
Purple Bloom Dust.png Purple Bloom Dust
Rosemary Herb Rosemary.png Rosemary 3
Lemon Balm Herb Lemon Balm.png Lemon Balm
White Bloom Dust.png White Bloom Dust
Mandarin Herb Mandarin.png Mandarin 5
Jasmine Herb Jasmine.png Jasmine
Plum Bloom Dust.png Plum Bloom Dust
Tea Tree Herb Tea Tree.png Tea Tree 7
Cherry Sage Herb Cherry Sage.png Cherry Sage
Red Bloom Dust.png Red Bloom Dust
Patchouli Herb Patchouli.png Patchouli 9
Oregano Herb Oregano.png Oregano
Blue Bloom Dust.png Blue Bloom Dust
Yarrow Herb Yarrow.png Yarrow 11
Basil Herb Basil.png Basil
Green Bloom Dust.png Green Bloom Dust
Bergamot Herb Bergamot.png Bergamot 13

Foraging Boosters

Cooking allows you to cook various Chips, which increase the yield of Foraging (does not stack with daily bonus).

  • All chips have the same yield increase (100%).
  • All chips share a cooldown of 5 minutes.
  • All percentages are rounded down.
Item Duration Cooking Rank Needed
Rice Chips.png Rice Chips 8s Rank 1
Apple Chips.png Apple Chips 40s Rank 3
Orange Chips.png Orange Chips 72s Rank 5
Banana Chips.png Banana Chips 104s Rank 7
Tomato Chips.png Tomato Chips 144s Rank 9
Pear Chips.png Pear Chips 200s Rank 13

Rank EXP

Rank EXP Needed to Rank Up Total EXP Rank Rewards
1 10 10 -
2 40 50 Rice Chips x1
3 180 230 Free Gear Dye Voucher x1
4 320 550 Glass Greenhouse
5 750 1300 Alkimi Clover Earring
6 1440 2740 Bird Cage
7 2450 5190 Special Red Potion x2
8 3,840 9,030 Large Pot
9 5,740 14,770 Alkimi Herb Beret
10 8,240 23,010 Small House
11 10,240 33,250 Special Orange Potion x5
12 12,560 45,810 Goddess Fountain
13 - 45,810 Alkimi Baroque Shirt
Green Crystal x10