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Farming is one of the Gathering Life Skills. Players gather items from crops which are used as materials in the Cooking Life Skill. Crops are placed in the player's home. Players can only place pens that are at the same or lower rank than their current Farming rank.

Extra mastery points can be earned by gathering in another player's home instance each day.


Crop Product Rank
Rice Paddy Rice.png Rice Rank 1
Pumpkin Patch Pumpkin.png Pumpkin Rank 2
Apple Tree Apple.png Apple Rank 3
Pine Mushroom Cluster Pine Mushroom.png Pine Mushroom Rank 4
Orange Tree Orange.png Orange Rank 5
Green Onion Patch Green Onion.png Green Onion Rank 6
Banana Tree Banana.png Banana Rank 7
Medicinal Mushroom Stump Medicinal Mushroom.png Medicinal Mushroom Rank 8
Tomato Field Tomato.png Tomato Rank 9
Cucumber Field Cucumbers.png Cucumbers Rank 10
Wheat Field Wheat.png Wheat Rank 11
Agaric Mushroom Cluster Agaric Mushroom.png Agaric Mushroom Rank 12
Pear Tree Pear.png Pear Rank 13

Farming Boosters

Alchemy allows you to brew various Supplements, which increase the yield of Farming (does not stack with daily bonus).

  • All supplements have the same yield increase (100%).
  • All supplements share a cooldown of 5 minutes.
  • All percentages are rounded down.
Item Duration Alchemy Rank Needed
Marjoram Supplement.png Marjoram Supplement 8s Rank 1
Rosemary Supplement.png Rosemary Supplement 40s Rank 3
Mandarin Supplement.png Mandarin Supplement 72s Rank 5
Tea Supplement.png Tea Supplement 104s Rank 7
Patchouli Supplement.png Patchouli Supplement 144s Rank 9
Bergamot Supplement.png Bergamot Supplement 200s Rank 13

Rank EXP

Rank EXP Needed to Rank Up Total EXP Rank Rewards
1 10 10 -
2 40 50 Marjoram Supplement x1
Blue Crystal x1
3 180 230 Sweet Pumpkin Soup
Blue Crystal x1
4 320 550 Fruit Farmer
Blue Crystal x1
5 750 1,300 Leatherbow Pig Earring
Blue Crystal x1
6 1,440 2,740 Winemaker
Blue Crystal x1
7 2,450 5,190 Banana Sandwich
Blue Crystal x1
8 3,840 9,030 Fruit Scaler
Blue Crystal x1
9 5,740 14,770 Leatherbow Onion Hat
Blue Crystal x1
10 8,240 23,010 Farm Truck
Blue Crystal x1
11 10,240 33,250 Fruit Tart
Blue Crystal x1
12 12,560 45,810 Scarecrow
Blue Crystal x1
13 - 45,810 Leatherbow Ribbon Shirt
Blue Crystal x1