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Dismantling is a game mechanic that allows players to dismantle Equipment, Style Crate outfits, or Gemstones to obtain components. Players can do this through Item Extractors that are available on some maps, or through the Dismantle button in the inventory window.


Level 20+ equipment can be dismantled to obtain catalysts such as Onyx Crystals and Chaos Onyx Crystals which are used for enchanting items, and box fragments to create new items. The amount and type of items received is dependent on the level and rarity of the item.

Gemstones can be dismantled to obtain Gem Dust which can be used to upgrade other gemstones.

Style Crate items can be dismantled to obtain Style Coins which can be used to purchase cosmetics from the Style Coin Shop. A Normal Style Crate item can be dismantled for 1 Style Coin, and an Exceptional item can be dismantled for 3.

Players can now preview the dismantling results when they input their items, and up to 100 items can be dismantled at a time.

Epic items require confirmation before dismantling, and Legendary items require an additional box to be checked. Normal, Rare, and Exceptional items do not require confirmation before dismantling.