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Dark Descent Dungeon
Dark Descent
Dark Descent Dungeon Banner.png
Map Dark Descent (Map)
Minimum Level 50
Gear Score N/A
Party Size 1 - 1
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Evil lurks in the Dark Descent. Battle your way down to the source of the darkness and vanquish it before it destroys all that is pure and good!
~ Dungeon Background

You can clear this dungeon 3 times a week per character. Your score is recorded for all to see, and you can see your current standing on the Rankings by class. Every season is 2 weeks, and the top 10 players in their class will receive an Old Fairy's Belt, while the rank 1 player will receive a slightly better version called the Old Fairy King's Belt.

Possible Rewards

Item bg normal.png
Item 90000014 Icon.png
Havi Fruit

Map Layout

Dark Descent Map Layout.png



Monster HP
Vengeful Soldier 23303
Vengeful General 23303
Vile Rottentail 23303
Horrific Rottentail 23303
Frenzied Rottentail 23303
Lantern Tomb Keeper 23303
Writhing Zombie 23303
Bustling Bunny 23303
Polar Frost Lilfang 26854
Burning Flame Lilfang 26854
Mad Koborc Bomber 39948
Koborc Trainer 27963
Jawbreaker Shotcaller 34621
Jawbreaker Brawler 29295
Jawbreaker Bruiser 29295
Spooked Spook 61032


Mushfam 92034


  • In Dark Descent, you gain points whenever you kill a monster, and lose points whenever you take damage from an enemy.
  • There is no time limit, so there is no harm in playing safe and kiting the enemies around. Your number one priority in Dark Descent is to stay alive and kill the enemies as safely as possible.
  • You will get a healing debuff at certain floors:
  1. Floors 6-10: 10% Reduced Healing
  2. Floors 11-15: 20% Reduced Healing
  3. Floors 16-20: 50% Reduced Healing
  4. Floors 21-25: 80% Reduced Healing

Floor 1

There are Vengeful Soldiers and Vengeful Generals on this floor. Watch out for the bones that they can throw at you. Play safe and kill them while kiting around if you can.

Floor 2

This floor has Frenzied Rottentail, Vile Rottentail, and Horrific Rottentail. Kite them around or stagger them if you can, but watch out for the slow projectiles that the Frenzied Rottentails can shoot, since they may be hard for you to see.

Floor 3

This floor has Writhing Zombies and Lantern Tomb Keepers. Dodge the three spiky projectiles that the Lantern Tomb Keepers will shoot at you, and kite around the enemies. You should particularly avoid being too close to the Lantern Tomb Keepers because they have an attack where they swing their lantern before creating an AOE that stuns you temporarily, which could result in your death by being unable to avoid other attacks.

Floor 4

This round is special because instead of killing all the enemies, you are supposed to survive for 30 seconds. The enemies on this round are Bustling Bunny which charge up before dashing towards you. Try to kill as many as possible to get as many points as you can since they will endlessly respawn.

Floor 5

Your first boss round. When the round starts, the boss, Mushfam, will start off with a giant AOE pull attack that does a lot of damage. If your defense is not high enough, it will most likely one shot you instantly. You can avoid the very first instance of this attack by hiding in the very corner until you see the boss, or by being in the very center at the start. Afterwards, Mushfam will repeat this attack occasionally, so watch out for that. The AOE pull attack has a cooldown of around 15-20 seconds, so try to predict it and run away from it before it goes off. There is another attack where Mushfam will jump up really high before slamming the ground really hard. This attack can be avoided by jumping when Mushfam lands.

Floor 6

This round has Polar Frost Lilfang and Burning Flame Lilfang. Try to stay away from the Flame Lilfangs until you clear the Frost Lilfangs. Kite the Frost Lilfangs by going from corner to opposite corner, or staggering them to death. Once the Frost Lilfangs are dead, you can kill the Burning Flame Lilfangs with ranged attacks if you have any, since they are stationary.

Floor 7

The enemies are Koborc Trainers and Mad Koborc Bombers. The Mad Koborc Bombers are stationary and will throw bombs at you. One thing to note is that these bombs go a minimum set distance, meaning that if you stay in melee range of them they can not hit you, so you may find that useful if you're a melee class and they're the only enemies left.

Floor 8

Like round 4, you will also have to survive for 30 seconds against Jawbreaker Bruisers and Jawbreaker Shotcallers. Unlike the bunnies, they will not dash towards you and run towards you like normal monsters. Use this opportunity to get as many points as you can, but watch out since they deal a lot of damage!

Floor 9

This round has 4 Spooked Spooks, with each one spawning at each corner. They will occasionally turn invisible, but you can still hit them. Each spook will shoot three projectiles that will home in on you if you are close enough, so you will have to either kite them around the map if you're a ranged class, or stun/stagger them if you are a melee class.

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