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Special Dungeon
Cathy Mart Part-Time Job
Cathy Mart Part-Time Job Dungeon Banner.png
Map Cathy Mart Part-Time Job (Map)
Minimum Level 1
Gear Score 0
Party Size 4 - 4
Related NPCs Unknown
Related Quests Unknown
Cathy Catalina has a thriving business and is ready to expand! She's recruiting staff for her newly opened mart. Maybe you could take on this challenge with a 4 member part... How about it? Get a part-time job with your friends!
~ Dungeon Background

Possible Rewards

Item bg epic.png
Item 30000869 Icon.png
Event Dungeon Coin

Map Layout

Cathy Mart Part-Time Job Map Layout.png







There are three phases. Each phase is the same, but with an increasing number of customers.

In each phase, customers come in from the front of the store. One player, the cashier, must greet each customer, revealing which item they want. The other three players, runners, are in the back of the store, where the items are stored. The runners must find the requested items, bring them up to the divider between the front and the back of the store, and drop them off in one of the handoff areas. The runners should NOT place the item in the handoff area until the cashier is ready to receive it, as the item will disappear after only a few seconds. The cashier must pick up the item and bring it to the appropriate customer. On successful delivery to a customer, everyone in the party receives a temporary speed boost.

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