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Houses are personal pocket dimensions that every Mapler owns by default. You can customize it to your heart's content. You can place down furniture, assistants, etc. Most furniture currently cost 0 mesos, however some can cost you merets and others you might have to purchase from a specific merchant.

Assistants can be hired with merets and you will have to pay them merets every 30 days as their salary. They'll craft stuff for you ranging from food to jewelry with assistant items you find on your journey. You'll also need to place down a assistant station in order for them to make stuff. - Mouse on NAE


House types
  • Apartment
  • House
  • Guild House -- You must be a Guild leader.

Buying a house

  • Houses, that can be seen in the over-world, require a plot of land, which a player pays an initial fee for. Every week afterwards, they pay a portion of the initial fee as rent.
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Weekly maintenance fee

  • The fee depends on the size of the house and its location.
    • Apartment price: free
    • House price:
    • Guild house price:
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Benefits of Home Ownership

  • All characters on the "owning account" have full access to the house and its features.
  • Can win house contests and prizes.
  • Can own maids to craft certain items.
  • Can gain several trophies by using interactive furniture.
  • Can customize indoor and outdoor decorations.

Housing Management

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House Details


Apartments are free for all players and although they cannot be accessed by the general public, provide interior furnishing opportunities.


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Guild Houses

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Customizing the House

Each house can be customized using a variety of material of different quality and cost.


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Interactable Furnishings

Housing Commands

Command Description
/hostball[#(1-10)] Summons an orange ball from default size to big; running the same command with same or different parameter will remove ball.
/hostgravity[#(1-10)] Configures the gravity of all people & items inside the house; Default gravity is 1. 0 being weightless, can't jump, if walked off a block will never fall. 10 being super heavy, fall from a highest point will result in death.
/survey open OR secret Starts an open or anonymous survey with Topic
/survey add [item] Adds bulletin choice
/survey start Starts the survey
/hosttombstone [name] Kills specified player(s). If you wish to kill more than 1 player in a single command, use a comma as delimiter. (EX: /hosttombstone [name], [name], [name])
/hostrevive [name] Revives specified player(s). If you wish to revive more than 1 player in a single command, use a comma as delimiter. (EX: /hostrevive [name], [name], [name])
/hostalarm [message] Issues a message to all players currently in house.
/card add [card name] [number] Adds specified card name to deck. [number] represents the amount of copies.

Housing Commands