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Black Market Icon

The Black Market is where players can list their own sellable items and purchase other players' listed items for Mesos. The Black Market can be accessed from the menus at the bottom-right of the screen.

Using the Black Market


Black Market Search Menu

The Black Market has a search function that players can use to look up items. The search options include:

  • Name
  • Type
    • Subtype (eg. If a player chooses Type as weapon, subtype would be weapon choices. Not all items have subtype selections.)
  • Jobs
  • Level Range
  • Quality
  • Additional Options (eg. If a player chooses a piece of equipment, additional options may include Attributes or Enchant Level.)

Once a player searches for the item, the results will display on the right. Results will be listed with cheapest prices (per item) first. Players can then browse and choose to purchase one of the listings.

When clicking the Purchase button, if there was more than one of the item listed, the player can choose how much of the item they want to buy. After confirming and completing the purchase, the item will be sent to the Mailbox.



Black Market List Menu

Players can list items on the Black Market by going to the List tab and right-clicking the item they want to sell from their inventory. A player can then set the price per item and how many of the item they want to sell. The max sales price a player can list is 500,000,000 Mesos.

All listings will be listed for 2 days and require a deposit for 1% of the price (up to 100,000 Mesos). If the item sells, a sales fee worth 10% of the price will be deducted on payout. If the item does not sell, the deposit fee and item(s) will be returned via Mailbox; however, if the listing is manually cancelled by the player, the deposit fee will not be returned.


While not currently available as a feature in Closed Beta, there is text mentioning that Mesos can be listed on the Black Market and purchased with merets (except event merets). Mesos purchased will be paid out in event merets through the mailbox. If a sale is cancelled or expires, the mesos will be returned via mail.

Similar to item listings, these sales will have a 5% sales fee deducted from the payout value.

Unlike item listings though, these listings have the following restrictions:

  • The listed price must be within 20% of the average trade price.
  • Mesos may only be listed on the Black Market at most 5 times per day per account. (Resets at midnight)
  • Mesos may only be purchased up to 10 times per day per account. (Resets at midnight)