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Level 50
{{#tip-text: ★★★★★☆|Legendary}}
Legendary Main Hand Longsword
Barbaric Panic Longsword
Gear Score: 2472
All Classes (Knight)
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Item bg legendary
Item 13200187 Icon
Description Untradeable
Binds on Equip
Binds to Character
Can be Enchanted
Stats Weapon Attack: ~3174 - ~3600

[Panic]: Increases damage by 6% but reduces defense by 12%. Activated when a Barbaric Panic Shield is equipped. Not active in battlegrounds.

Additional Stats Item's base weapon attack increased by 320~420
  • Critical rate +10
  • Physical Attack +3~6
  • 2 random bonus attributes
Obtained From Ludibrium Clock Tower (Chaos)
Gender Restriction None
Is dyeable? Yes
Is reducible? Yes, Panic Weapon Box Fragment
Sells in stores for: 11,339 Mesos