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Assistants can be placed on the ground floor in a player's house. When speaking with them, they can start a task and begin crafting items for the player.

The tier/price of the assistant currently has no effect on the crafting outcome. The only exception is that each Assistant is able to craft a single unique amusement item which is unique to each NPC character and is unlocked at Closeness level 3. This item is tradeable and sometimes unlocks Trophies but otherwise has no practical value.

Meso house assistants can create all the same things Meret house assistants can. However, meret house assistants require fewer materials to craft what you request of them.

You can purchase housing assistance with mesos in "My Home → Build Mode".

Hiring and placing assistants

A player can own any number of assistants, including copies of the same assistant, but can only have two active assistants in his house at all times. An assistant is placed as a furniture item with a root plate on the floor and will wander randomly around the house from that location.

An assistant costs an initial amount of Merets to hire and a monthly fee (per 30 days) of Merets to maintain, see the chart below. The fee for the first month is automatically charged upon the first purchase of the assistant. For all subsequent payments, the assistant can be paid directly by interacting with them up to a week in advance before their expiration date. (This will also increase their Mood.)

Parameters and crafting

Each assistant has a profile page where you can view their personal parameters, which may affect their appearance and how they address you. You can edit these parameters only once per assistant and they have no practical value.

An assistant has two main measures: Mood and Closeness. Closeness is persistent and determines the level of the assistant, so it can be thought of as being the same as Experience is to a player character. Mood is a value locked between 0 and 100 which fluctuates rapidly. (Mood cannot go below 0 or above 100.) An assistant starts at Closeness level 1 and can currently reach a maximum Closeness level of 10.

Assistants are able to randomly craft higher rarity variants of the base item ordered. This is determined upon order completion and may or may not be affected by Tier, Mood or level.

Succesfully crafting an item will increase Closeness by a large amount and Mood by a trivial amount. Higher level items reward more Closeness but not more Mood. Succesfully crafting a higher rarity item will increase these values.

Merets can be spent to rush completion of an item, though this is generally not recommended as it would become extremely expensive to rush Closeness levels using this tactic alone. The cost to rush the item depends on the time left and can be done as soon as the order has been placed.

Mood affects the base speed at which the assistants complete crafting items. It might also affect hidden parameters such as the chance to obtain higher rarity items. Mood decreases slowly over time and rapidly when no house owner characters are online, and is often reduced from 100 to near 0 over a single night.


Assistants have a variety of chat options that are mainly meant for amusement. Other player characters that visit your house will have a different set of chat options when they encounter each assistant, and they won't be able to trigger any special events.

Each assistant will always have three chat options. Roughly once every half an hour, you have the possibility to select an unique variant of the first two chat options that will affect Mood or Closeness.

  • The first option triggers a choice between two answers, one of which will satisfy the assistant and increase Mood by 10, while the other will upset the assistant and decrease Mood by 10. This is the primary way to increase Assistant mood. Each assistant has only around three fixed lines, so it is fairly easy to select the correct answer every time after your first attempts.
  • The second option triggers a conversation that automatically increases Closeness by 10. This is a minor boost to the rate at which the assistant eventually levels up.
  • The third option always triggers a normal conversation that does not affect anything.

If you attempt to trigger the conversation again before the hidden cooldown period has expired, the first two chat options will simply return regular chat lines.

List of Assistants

Meret assistants

Name Specialty Cost
Arita (Assistant) Necklaces 190 Merets
Manu (Assistant) Rings 190 Merets
Terry (Assistant) Beverages 190 Merets
Solvay (Assistant) Rings 190 Merets
Rina (Assistant) Cooking 190 Merets
Erryday M-0 (Assistant) Cooking 290 Merets
Cordelia (Assistant) Rings 290 Merets
Yoyo (Assistant) Necklaces 290 Merets
Ms. Kim (Assistant) Necklaces 290 Merets
Moma (Assistant) Beverages 290 Merets
Rebecca (Assistant) Cooking 490 Merets
Momo (Assistant) Necklaces 490 Merets
Tim (Assistant) Rings 490 Merets
Vanilla (Assistant) Necklaces 490 Merets
Mino (Assistant) Rings 490 Merets
Blake (Assistant) Cooking 490 Merets
Jayce (Assistant) Beverages 490 Merets

Meso assistants

Name Specialty Initial Hiring Price Monthly Salary
Marmut Ring 77,000 Mesos 69,000 Mesos
Eka Necklace 77,000 Mesos 69,000 Mesos
Kay Beverage 77,000 Mesos 69,000 Mesos
Harry Cooking 77,000 Mesos 69,000 Mesos

Assistant Closeness Chart

Closeness Level Closeness Required

(to next level)

1 45
2 115
3 298
4 758
5 2160
6 6056
7 17446
8 43366
9 112680
10 -