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Treasure Dungeon
Abandoned Mine B1
Abandoned Mine B1 Dungeon Banner.png
Map Abandoned Mine B1 (Map)
Minimum Level 50
Gear Score 1480
Party Size 1 - 1
Related NPCs
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Rare and precious treasure is hidden in the abandoned mine. Can you find your way through the labyrinthine mine, avoiding the hidden monsters and dangerous traps to find the treasure?
~ Dungeon Background

A special key is required to enter the Abandoned Mine.

Possible Rewards

Item bg epic.png
Item 20300429 Icon.png
Tier 1 Gemstone Box
Item bg exceptional.png
Item 40100003 Icon.png
Blue Crystal
Item bg exceptional.png
Item 40100021 Icon.png
Green Crystal
Item bg exceptional.png
Item 63100500 Icon.png
Lapis Master Snare
Item bg normal.png
Item 30000915 Icon.png
Fusion Stone Dust
Item bg normal.png
Item 40100001 Icon.png
Crystal Fragment

Map Layout

Abandoned Mine B1 Map Layout.png



Monster HP
Wooden Treasure Chest 110967


Boss(es) HP
Yellowhide 1335297


  • None currently

Related Trophies

  • No related trophies.